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My name is Tory Griswold, and I’m the creator of Nourishing the Glow. A little about me: I reside in Houston, Texas with my family, my friends, my boyfriend Jonathan and our precious pup Mando, short for Armando. When I'm not busy whipping up recipes, I've usually got my head down in the books—studying Sociology and Interpersonal Communications at the University of Houston. Go Coogs!

After years of struggling with body dysmorphia, I decided to try my first round of Whole30 in May of 2017. What started out as a 30-day reset quickly turned into a lifestyle. My belief that everyone deserves to find their personal balance / healthy relationship with food is the inspiration behind this blog.

Cooking brings me great joy, especially when I get to share my recipes with others. Through Nourishing the Glow, I strive to always provide the best content by creating recipes with wholesome, clean ingredients.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore the joys and wonders of cooking clean and nourishing meals.